Hi, I'm Anna

I am

I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Engineering in Data Science along with a Mathematics and Computer Science Bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in December 2021. Through my graduate coursework I am doing a concentration in Machine Learning, and completing a Thesis in the field of Computational Linguistics about Persona-Based Language Generation under the mentorship of PhD candidate Daphne Ippolito and the supervision of Professor Christopher Callison-Burch.

At Penn, I took on a challenging course-load including theoretical Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics and graduate-level AI/ML classes.
Furthermore I gained invaluable teaching experience while I was a Teaching Assistant for no less than 4 courses in several departments, including Computer and Information Science, Electrical and Systems Engineering as well as in the department of Networked and Social Systems Engineering.

In Summer 2021, I will be working at LinkedIn as an Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning Engineer Intern on the Standardization Team based in New York City.

I had the pleasure of working as an Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Intern at the AIDA team of MBition - Mercedes-Benz Innovation Lab. During the Summer 2020 I built an automated Data Quality Assurance system by implementing state-of-the-art time series models including SARIMAX, LSTMs and Prophet.

I pursued a year-and-a-half long internship in LogMeIn's Machine Learning (Applied Research) team. I created innovative solutions for Bold360 AI's customers by doing industry-leading research in the field of Natural Language Processing. Most importantly, I developed an award-winning Hackathon project for training Q&A systems using state-of-the-art Deep Neural Networks (BERT) the technology which is on the forefront of NLP. We were awarded 1st prize Tech Innovation + Audience favorite prize + 2nd place Best Business Value Innovation.

As a sophomore I was recruited by Facebook for a Software Engineering Internship position to work on their Data Transfer Infrastructure team. Through single-handedly building an internal software for petabytes-sized data transfer, I operated with multi-tenancy, network utilization, scheduling, cross-dc connection-pooling, etc. I primarily developed using C++, but I also had the pleasure of learning about SQL and Apache Hive, the tools most often used by Facebook's Data Scientists.

I interned at RapidMiner as a member of the core developers' team right after my first year of college. Here I developed RapidMiner's two flagship products, RapidMiner Studio and Radoop. I learned about the dynamics of a developer team and mastered my Java skills and became familiar with Data Science tools such as Apache Hadoop and Spark.