Professional Experience

  • ML-AI Engineer Intern @  hi

      May - August 2021 |   New York, New York

    Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Engineer Intern
    • Incoming member of the Standardization Team

  • Artificial Intelligence Intern @  hi

      June - August 2020 |   Berlin, GERMANY

    • Developed state of the art time series model to model car usage across Europe as member of the Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Team at Mercedes-Benz Innovation Lab
    • Analyzed Telelog data and built a system detecting missing and incorrect data to alert appropriate teams
    • Researched methods to automatically classify errors in Mercedes-Benz vehicles from 1 millon+ data points
    • Worked on future of automotive world and develop next generation of self-driving Mercedes-Benz automobiles
    Letter of recommendation written by my mananger, Lead Artificial Intelligence, Christoph Lingenfelder

  • Machine Learning Intern @  hi

      January 2018 - July 2019 |   Budapest, HUNGARY

    • Specialized in Applied Research in the field of Natural Language Processing
    • Built award-winning Hackathon project:
            o Trained Q&A systems using state-of-the-art Deep Neural Networks, Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT)   
            o 1st prize Tech Innovation + Audience favorite prize + 2nd place Best Business Value Innovation
    • Researched term weighting methods
    • Developed class hierarchy models to facilitate email automation for Top 5 Bank in India
    • Enriched text corpus in multiple languages
    • Ensured stable performance by measuring for Nanorep a Bold360 AI Software
    • Worked primarily in Python and with Keras, Tensorflow, scikit-Learn

  • Software Engineering Intern @  hi

      May - August 2017 |   Menlo Park, California

    • Built internal client-library for next-generation tool Hyperloop
            o Designed to complete bulk data transfers on behalf of Facebook’s Data Science teams in behalf of the Data Transfer Infrastructure
    • Modernized internal tool COPTA
            o Responsible for copying petabytes-sized directories across HDFS clusters and data centers
            o Refurbished dependencies in addition to adding Hyperloop
    • Engineered detailed Scuba tables for Hyperloop and COPTA
    • Operated with multi-tenancy, network utilization, scheduling, cross-dc connection-pooling in C++
    • For further details, check out this article about the essential work my team was doing at Facebook!

  • Developer Intern @  hi

      May - August 2016 |   Budapest, HUNGARY

    • Used Data Science to program operators in RapidMiner Studio designed to process, analyze and alter data locally
    • Designed Operators in RapidMiner Radoop - using Spark scripts - to process data on large scale with Apache Hadoop