Computational Linguistics |   FALL 2020

  • Teacher's Assistant for graduate-level class (CIS 530) under Professor Clayton Greenberg
  • Conduct oral exams for 50-person class
  • Lead weekly live recitations
  • Plan and design homework assignments
  • Hold office hours 2x/week for graduate students
  • Answer Piazza questions while on-call
  • Engineer grading infrastructure

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Crowdsourcing and Human Computation |   SPRING 2021

  • Teacher's Assistant for Networked & Social Systems class (NETS 213) under Professor Christopher Callison-Burch
  • Complete hw assignments in advance of hw release dates, help iron out any problems
  • Hold office hours 2x/week to help students with hw assignments.
  • Review lecture recordings and do assigned reading to help students with the material
  • Answer questions on the class discussion forum on Piazza
  • Create test cases and auto-graders for hw assignments
  • Write new exam or quiz questions, help to improve existing exam questions
  • Design new homework assignments

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